Tyler Nielsen

Name: Tyler Nielsen
Age: 34
Time frame: Available now (Can't play on Sundays)
Country: USA, but live in Czech Republic
Position: SS, CF or anywhere
Details: I'm 33 and just moved to Prague. 6'0" or 1.82m 165 lbs or 75 kgs Throw and bat righty Played all growing up and in high school in the US. From there played in various adult softball leagues. On offense, I can place the ball to all parts of the field with some decent speed on the base paths. I've hit a few out of the park, but my strength is in exploiting gaps and running, so I've had more in the park homers than out of park homers. My passion is playing defense. Most teams put me at short, but I can play anywhere. I also love being a base coach when I'm not up to bat. If players listen, a good base coach can create a run or two a game. Happy to sub or play regularly.
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Official Federations

  • CEB
  • Olympic
  • World Anti-doping Agency
  • WBSC
  • Playo
  • Whistle shop
  • Bownet
  • Nieuwe Erf